The Konderatu Gallery is reserved for the promotion of artwork and artifacts, both present day and those rich in history, by native Indonesians. Avast collection of artefacts from many different ethnic groups of archipelago, comprises of important pieces from the antique, colonial £t post colonial era, will enrich your experience of invaluable history of timeless Indonesia.

You will find a collectible array of textiles, terracota, ceramics, jewelery, stones, musical instruments, mask, woodcarvings, porcelain, furniture, lamps, plates út bowl, jugs.... the list is endless. Our experienced staff will be more happy to show you whatever might delight you to view & to collect.

Konderatu gallery periodically stages eventsexhibitiing a vast collection of Indonesia's cultural heritage.These range from different ethnic groups in art & craft, music & dance as well as tour of culinary delights from the past.