Located in-between the impressive gallery and specialty outlets is the Courtyard. This outdoor space has been designed to incorporate outdoor seating areas under the shade of umbrellas, a perfect place to enjoy the open air and the tranquil nature of the resort. Whether taking tea, reading a book, enjoying a pre-dinner drink the soft ambience of the courtyard exudes the charm of less busy times and is a place to relax in comfort and style.

Timeless Indonesia events & performances mark the uniqueness of Konderatu as a cultural herritage center. Promotion through the preservation of and appreciation for dances, music, fashion, culinary traditions, and art & craft is the best vanues main objective.

- Timeless Indonesian Festival I

- The Lost Treasure Of Minahasa

- Independay Day 2014

- Voice Of Indonesia

- Kharisma Yogyakarta & Borobudur

Visit us and you will experience & understand this privilege.