The Konderatu Restaurant is accessed from the staircase in the bar area. With a seating capacity for 95 guests and an additional area on the open balcony where alfresco dining can be enjoyed for up to 12 guests the restaurant can cater to a variety of guest requests, intimate romantic settings to large celebrations can be made to feel very much at ease within the spacious design of the interior. On the menu, available both for service in the Bar and Restaurant has been designed to highlight not only the culinary skills of Konderatu's experienced kitchen brigade but to highlight a varied selection of Indonesia's finest cuisine.

Indonesian cuisine is born from the produce of the land and the innovation of the people, the menu's flavor and ingredients are influenced by the multicultural diversity on which Indonesia has grown and combined with the highest quality ingredients the menu offers a combination of simple and authentic Indonesian cuisine with delicious grills and a variety of salads and Asian specialties.

This authentic Indonesian style and Indo-Dutch fusion is known as Rijsttafel. At Konderatu we like to think of it as Asian 'comfort' food that is lovingly prepared with special attention to innovation for the health conscious guests. Dishes such as Nasi Campur the tempting showcase of Indonesian savored delicacies, Sop Buntut, a hearty stew of meats, the world renown Satay, tender meats flame grilled over charcoal, and the Crispy Peking Duck, Vietnamese Spring Rolls and other Chinese and Northern Asian influenced dishes that arrived with the chefs who accompanied the gold traders.

Located in view of diners the Show Kitchen is the focal point of the dining experience, guests can see the culinary team as they prepare and create the dishes to order. The Show Kitchen is also be used for a range of cooking classes to allow guests to learn more about the food of Indonesia that is on offer in the Restaurant.